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        2. Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

          Tire Recycling Project is specially designed for scrap tire recycling unique, We can offer two different solutions, Tire to Rubber Granules Plant and Rubber Tyre Pyrolysis Plant.

          Used Tires is a big category of solid waste, and it is one of the most hazardous waste on the earth. It deteriorate Natural environment, destruct vegetation growth, affect human health, and endanger the earth ecosystem, etc, caused a series of environmental problems.

          • Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine

            1 blank mask machine+2 ear loop welding machines The face mask making machine which be used to the product of disposable face masks.

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            Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine
          • Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

            At present, the research on the recycling of waste lithium batteries is mainly focused on the recovery of high-value anode precious metals cobalt and lithium. Copper in the negative electrode of waste lithium battery( content up to 35%) is

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            Lithium Battery Recycling Machine
          • Lead Battery Recycling Machine

            Application Electric Car Battery Dismantling Equipment Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine is suitable for recycling all kinds of lead-acid batteries, such as automotive battery, truck battery, electric bicycle battery, etc. There are diffe

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            Lead Battery Recycling Machine
          • Plastic Electrostatic Separator Recycling Machine

            PET PVC Mixed Plastic Flakes Separator Recycling Machine adopts german technology, it can be separate three different kinds of plastic materials at one time. Such as PVC/PET/PC,ABS/HIPS/Rubber, ABS/PS/Rubber, ABS/HIPS, PET/PC,PA/PP, PP/PE,

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            Plastic Electrostatic Separator Recycling Machine
          • Waste Tire Recycling Machine

            Application Tire recycling machine can crush waste tires or rubber products into rubber granules and powder to realize the recycling and reusing of waste rubbers. This is the best way to recycle waste tires. As a professional manufacturer,

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            Waste Tire Recycling Machine