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        2. Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
          Waste Tires Recycling & Processing

          Waste Tires Recycling & Processing

          Material Description

          Various Waste Tires and rubber products, etc.

          After Recovered

          Rubber powder and granules

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          Material Recycling Processing

          After the waste tires are recycled, after the ring wire is removed, and then shredded by the shredder, the fine wire is removed by the wire separator, and then the pellets are manufactured and processed by rubber pellet processing equipment.

          The rubber pellet machine pulverizes the crushed rubber block, and the size after crushing can reach 1mm. After that, it can be re-pelletized by particle screening and recycling equipment to obtain a smaller size, because the rubber pellet machine is specially used for waste tire particles And in the process of making particles, 99% of the fibers can be removed, so the rubber particles obtained are not only of high quality, but also sell well.


          Rubber powder and granules are widely used in the fields of asphalt modification, roadbed laying, and rubber products.

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