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        2. Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
          E-Waste Recycling Project

          E-Waste Recycling Project is mainly used for disassemble, crush and separate of waste electronic products, includes TV & PC Disassembly Machine, CRT Crushing & Recycling Machine, PCB Component Dismantling Machine, Circuit Board Recycling Machine.

          By 2017, the global volume of discarded refrigerators, TVs, cellphones, computers, monitors and other electronic waste will weigh almost as much as 200 Empire State Buildings, a new report predicts, The problem of e-waste needs to be solved urgently.

          • TV & PC Disassembly Machine

            Here the waste TV, computer and monitor sets are primarily disassembled into major parts, among which metal parts, plastic parts, CRT and PCB are dismantled directly by intelligent conveying and manual work with our new advanced technology.

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            TV & PC Disassembly Machine
          • Home Appliances Machine Recyding Dismantling Line

            Application This production line is used for dismantling and recycling of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. The equipment includes pretreatment station, fluorine pumping station, primary m

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            Home Appliances Machine Recyding Dismantling Line
          • Circuit Board Recycling Machine

            Zhengyang Machinery main products include E-waste recycling equipment,Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling Equipment, Aluminum plastic separator, Cable Recycling Machine, PCB Component Dismantling Equipment,Tire Recycling equipment, Precious Metal Re

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            Circuit Board Recycling Machine
          • PCB Dismantling Machine

            PCB Component Dismantling Machine is used to remove the electrical components from the waste PCB. Because the components are with different precious metals and some parts can be sell separately and directly with a better price.And the mothe

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            PCB Dismantling Machine