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        2. Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

          COPPER PROCESSING PROJECT can refine copper to obtain higher purity copper materials. The main equipment includes Copper Electrolysis Machine,Copper Electrowinning Machine,Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine,Continuous Extruder Machine,Metal Smelting Furnace Machine.

          • Copper Electrolysis Machine

            Copper Electrolysis Machine is used to Refine the copper from the mixed metal powder, copper purity 99.99%. Scope of Application Scrap Copper, Crude Copper, Impure Copper, Copper Powder from PCB Recycling, etc. Working Principle The Separat

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            Copper Electrolysis Machine
          • Copper Electrowinning Machine

            Application With the worldwide exploitation of copper resources, the high-grade and easy-to-treat copper resources are decreasing day by day, and the proportion of low-grade and difficult-to-treat complex copper resources in the reserves of

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            Copper Electrowinning Machine
          • Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine

            Application Upward Continuous Casting Copper Rod Making Plant is used to produce the long and bright oxygen-free copper rod with the diameter from 8 to 25mm. Large-length bright oxygen-free copper tube blanks and large-length bright oxygen-

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            Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine
          • Continuous Extruder Machine

            Application Used to produce various types of copper rod and bar other types of products. The product range includes: 1.Copper-aluminium circular wire and flat wire used in motor and transformer windings 2.Conductive copper bars, aluminium b

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            Continuous Extruder Machine
          • Metal Smelting Furnace Machine

            Tilting furnace Raw material: scrap copper: =80% Cu Furnace Capacity of Tilting Furnace: No less than 1 ton of raw materials Output of Single Furnace Products: =Not less than 1 ton(depending on raw materials) Cycle of Single Furnace Product

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            Metal Smelting Furnace Machine